About Us

Aqua Ceres is a private equity firm uniquely positioned and focused on sustainable agriculture and natural assets.

Founded in 2019, the investment partners collectively have more than 40 years of agricultural and farming experience, with a long history of harnessing technological advancements on their farms to increase yields, lower operating costs, conserve water, and mitigate risk.

The team has extensive agriculture sector expertise in annual and permanent crops. We are geographically diverse, with operations in the U.S., South America, and Australia. We bring a global perspective to identify locally distressed and underutilized properties, repurposing them with updated infrastructure to produce higher-value crops.

Aqua Ceres seeks to mitigate climate risk and has several registered properties as carbon sequestration projects. Our land management activities and agricultural practices have reduced greenhouse gas emissions and sequestered carbon dioxide into the land.

Sustainability. Efficiency at scale. Carbon aware. Early adopters of technology. Aligned with investors. Precision farming.

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