Australia has one of the most advanced and differentiated water trading markets in the world. Water and land are both considered property. Water rights (called “entitlements” in Australia) trade separately and independently from land and are 100% deemed for agriculture. They are permanent, transferable, and can be mortgaged.

Holders of water entitlements receive that volume of water each year, which can be either used or sold to other agricultural water users. Since the ‘Water Fund’ does not own any farms, we sell the annual allocation of water in the form of leases.

Returns are based on capital appreciation of the entitlements and income received from selling the annual water allocations.

Investing with Aqua Ceres enables investors to invest directly in Australian Permanent Water Rights.

For more information, please email us at info@aquaceres.com

Carbon Credits

Aqua Ceres has over 500,000 acres involved in large-scale Carbon Credit farming projects.

Our projects have been classified as Human Induced Regeneration projects, harnessing the natural growth within selected heavily cattle-grazed areas and allowing the site to return to native forest. The Carbon Credits produced provide a stable revenue stream to the projects.

Our farm manager partners give Aqua Ceres unique access and insight into other carbon credit farmland opportunities.

Permanent Crops

Our team has a proven track record in the permanent crop space. Experienced in ‘greenfield’ permanent crop developments and in the acquisition and upgrading of established orchards.

We adopt and deploy the latest technologies to deliver input and operational efficiencies and lower the costs of production.

We offer both active and passively managed investments for our clients and have exceptional local property management partners within our network.


The firm operates from its headquarters in San Diego, California, with an office in Sydney, Australia, and Panama City, Panama. We have experience and capabilities in rainfed and irrigated farmland operations with development projects in North America, Australia, and South America.

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Sustainability. Efficiency at scale. Carbon aware. Early adopters of technology. Aligned with investors. Precision farming.

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